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Windows 8.1 Gamer Edition X64 vs Windows 7: A Comparison of Gaming Experience

it has a very awesome interface. installation process is very simple and easy. the windows are designed in such a way that they can be easily accessible. you can easily customize settings on windows 8.1 by using windows 8.1. you can also check out windows 10 pro free download.

Windows 8.1 Gamer Edition X64

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there are many great features in windows 8.1. one of the most important feature in windows 8.1 is the game bar. it allows gamers to easily access the apps they use most. for instance, if you are playing league of legends, you can easily access your in-game settings and even pause your game with a single button click.

the xbox app is already embedded in windows 8.1. it allows users to access the friends list, achievements and games, and even connect to your xbox live account. when you are playing games, the xbox app will automatically shut off the computer and switch to your xbox.

it includes all the windows store apps. for instance, you can access the xbox store to download games for your xbox. the windows store also has apps for games that you download on your phone and tablet. you can also easily access the photos, videos, and even songs that you have stored in your onedrive. you can also download windows 8.1 pro edition to try it.

the touch capabilities are already integrated in windows 8.1. if you have a touch screen monitor or a tablet, you can use it to play games with your friends and other gamers. it also has the ability to adjust the settings as well.

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