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The Nintendo 3DS XL (Nintendo 3DS LL in Japan) was released on July 28, 2012, in Japan, priced at 18,900, and was available in Silver + Black, Red + Black and White color variations.[68] In Europe, the system launched on the same day but in Silver + Black, Blue + Black and Red + Black color variations.[68] On August 19, the Nintendo 3DS XL launched in North America, priced at US$199.99, and available in Blue + Black and Red + Black.[69] On August 23, 2012, Australia and New Zealand saw the launch of the new handheld, priced at AU$249.95, and available in the same color variations as in Europe, Silver + Black, Blue + Black and Red + Black.[70] The launch of the Nintendo 3DS XL coincided with the release of New Super Mario Bros. 2, the first Nintendo 3DS game to be available in both retail and downloadable versions.

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Similarly to the Nintendo DSi, the menu has updateable firmware. On April 25, 2012, a system update brought the introduction of a folder system, which allows users to put applications inside folders.[142] On June 20, 2013, a system update brought the introduction of the Save Data Backup feature, which allows the user to back up save data from downloadable Nintendo 3DS software and most Virtual Console games.[143] An update was released on October 30, 2014, to enable players to download custom themes for the Home Menu, based on various Nintendo titles.[144]

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